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We Make Custom Tire Tetherball Stands! 

We sell or you can learn how to make a portable concrete base tire tetherball set made out of cement and an old tire. Our tetherball stands can be purchased at a great price at certain locations in the Southwest or you can learn how to make one of your own.  We have a video that has step by step instructions on what to do and what materials are needed.
We use a 16 gauge steel galvanized pole.  Rebar is drilled through the bottom of the pole to make it set well in the concrete. The tire is a regular size used car or light truck tire and is filled from top to bottom with cement making it very heavy, sturdy and stable.
The complete tetherball set will weigh over 270 pounds, but it can be grabbed by the pole, pulled over and rolled to any location in your backyard.
The ball has a removable clip and can be unhooked from the fixed eye hook on the top of the pole when not in use.  This will keep the tetherball out of the sun and rainy weather making it last longer. 

Custom made with the highest quality in materials, tetherball included!  Call for ball color.  Right now we have red and yellow.
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Check out How to Make One if you want to see our video on how to make a tire tetherball set of your own.  View our video showing step by step instructions on how to make a concrete base tire tetherball stand made out of cement and an old tire.

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