Tetherball Contacts

Contact us by phone or email about how to order and how to make your very own portable concrete tire tetherball set made out of cement and an old tire.

Stacey Jones

Phone: 480-332-4047

Email: TireTetherBall@gmail.com

Phone Number

Check out How to Make One if you want to see our video on how to make a tire tetherball set of your own.  View our video showing step by step instructions on how to make a concrete base tire tetherball stand made out of cement and an old tire.

Visit Photo Gallery to see pictures of tetherball stands and pictures of the process of making a tire tetherball stand.

Find out the Official Rules of tetherball.  This page has all of the rules and regulation to play tetherball.

Tetherball links will have links to other websites and other information about the great sport of tetherball.

Contact Us if you want to order your very own tire tetherball stand or have questions about TireTetherball.com.