Official Rules

1. One player is selected to serve.

2. The server’s opponent is given a choice of either side of the court on which to play or the direction in which the server will serve the ball.

3. To start a game, the server hits the ball around the tether ball pole.  The ball may be hit with an open or closed hand.  As the ball travels around the pole, the server attempts to hit it again and again in the direction of the original serve to wind it around the pole.

4. The opposing player tries first to unwind the rope and then to wind the rope around the pole be hitting the ball back in the opposite direction.

5. The player who winds the rope completely around the pole is the winner.

6. When one of the following violations is committed, play stops and the ball is forfeited to the opponent.
  • Hitting the ball with any part of the body other than the hands.
  • Holding or catching the ball during play.
  • Touching the pole with the body.
  • Hitting or catching the rope.
  • Stepping inside the neutral zone.
  • Winding the rope completely around the pole on the serve before his or her opponent has an opportunity to hit the ball at least once.

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Find out the Official Rules of tetherball.  This page has all of the rules and regulation to play tetherball.

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